Cocktail in a hurricane cocktail glass with a slice of orange and cherry in a cocktail pick as a garnish.

Bahama Mama Cocktail

Do you want to make a delicious drink, but you are too lazy to make anything complicated? Then make this quick Bahama Mama cocktail recipe. Quick And Easy Bahama Mama …

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The Love Doctor Cocktail 2 of 2

The Love Doctor Cocktail

Are you sick of being single? Trying to rekindle the love you once had with your significant other? Well, look no further because the love doctor cocktail recipe is exactly …

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Cotton Candy Mimosa 1 of 2

Cotton Candy Mimosa

Taste like cotton candy with the bubbliness of mimosa. A cotton candy cocktail like that sounds delightful. If you offer me a cotton candy drink, I would like to have …

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Cupid Repellent Cocktail 2 of 2

Cupid Repellent Cocktail

Cupid makes everybody fall in love, but not everybody loves cupid. Keep Cupid away with this cupid repellent cocktail recipe. No Cupid Shuffle There is not one person who does …

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Panty Dropper Cocktail 4 of 1

Panty Dropper Cocktail

This one here’s a panty dropper, whoaaaa!!!!! Draws will get to dropping when this panty dropper cocktail recipe gets to knocking. The Panty Dropper Cocktail Recipe Is Grown & Sexy …

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Lady In Red Cocktail 1 of 2

Lady In Red Cocktail

Who is that lady? That is the million-dollar question. Well, let us find out who that lady is together by making the lady in red cocktail recipe. Seriously, Who Is …

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Just A Crush Cocktail 3 of 3

Just A Crush Cocktail

This just a crush cocktail recipe is right on time for the season of love. So, who do you have a crush on? Do not be shy. I Got A …

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Love Bug Cocktail 5 of 1

Love Bug Cocktail

You have been bitten by a love bug, so now all there is left to do is make the love bug cocktail recipe, then fall in love. Bitten By The …

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