No Loving Cocktail Drink 1 of 1

No Loving Cocktail

When you show no love, your heart can be as cold as ice. Perfect for making the no loving cocktail recipe. I hope you are ready. Show No Love It …

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Love Potion Cocktail

Take in all of my love with this love potion cocktail recipe. So much love, it is like an ocean in a potion. Ocean In A Potion There is so …

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Toxic Love Cocktail 2 of 2

Toxic Love Cocktail

Britney Spears said it best, your love is toxic. So for everybody in a toxic relationship and situationship, this toxic love cocktail recipe is for you. Toxic Relationships Disclaimer, by …

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Tequila Sunrise Margarita Drink 1 of 6

Tequila Sunrise Margarita

Good morning everyone! It may be nighttime when you are reading this, but we are going to act like the sun is rising every time we make this tequila sunrise …

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Fresh Strawberries Margarita 2 of 4

Easy Fresh Strawberries Margarita

Real strawberries going bad? No worries! Freeze them and make you a glass of easy fresh strawberry margarita recipe and skip the ice! The Easy Fresh Strawberries Margarita Is Too …

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Pineapple Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Drink 3 of 1

Pineapple Tequila Sunrise

Wake up to a pineapple sunrise recipe that is sure to have your eyes wide open. The best part of waking up is a pineapple tequila sunrise margarita in your …

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