Cherry Lychee Drink served in a 50z martini glass

Cherry Lychee Martini

A lychee and cherry cocktail is that radiating drink that is perfect for the weekend, or weekday. So, let us get started with this cherry lychee martini recipe. The Lychee …

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Peach Beerita 1 of 2

Peach Beerita

After a hard day’s work, making a peach beerita recipe is so satisfying to make. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s make this peach beer margarita recipe. The Peach …

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Caribbean Rum Punch 3 of 3

Caribbean Rum Punch

Have you ever tried some Caribbean sunset rum punch before? It is magnificent, and I got to say that this is the best Caribbean rum punch recipe that you will …

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Cocktail drink served in an double old fashion glass with an orange paper straw and a blue cocktail umbrella.

Beach Bum Cocktail

Why bring sand to the beach when you can be on the beach making this sandy beach bum cocktail recipe. It’s the perfect drink for the beach. Another Summer Drink …

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Hot Girl Summer Cocktail 4 of 7

Hot Girl Summer Cocktail

To all my hotties, raise your glass in the air because we are about to make this hot girl summer cocktail recipe that even Meg Thee Stallion would be proud …

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Peachy Attitude Cocktail 1 of 2

Peachy Attitude Cocktail

Who said that an attitude adjustment is necessary to live a peachy life? At least that is the case if you have a peachy attitude, which is the perfect reason …

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Guava Mojito 3 of 2

Guava Mojito

I just discovered the nectar of an angel that came in the form of a guava mojito recipe. With the sweetness of guava juice, this guava mint mojito is one …

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Blue Lemonade Mimosa 2 of 2

Blue Raspberry Lemonade Mimosa

A blue raspberry lemonade mimosa recipe to satisfy my thirst would be nice right now. In fact, I am going to make the blue lemonade mimosa recipe right now. Let’s …

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