Top 10 Best BBQ Recipes

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BBQ is such a divine gift that was given to us mere mortals, so just imagine how hard it is to come up with the top 10 best BBQ recipes.

This superb category of food is so delightful that each state has its own way of making it. Of course, some states’ styles of BBQ stick out more than others. I mean, the BBQ is a good enough reason alone to be a proud Texan.

Furthermore, I think I made it quite clear that I love some BBQ, and I would be doing you all a disservice if I do not give away my top ten favorite BBQ recipes.

1. Oven-Baked Baby Back Fall Off The Bone Ribs Recipe

BBQ ribs are in my top 5 favorite foods of all time, and they are not number 5. You can take what you will with that information.

Imagine some oven-baked baby back fall off the bone ribs ready for you to eat. That is something to get me thrilled!

With this oven-baked BBQ recipe, you won’t even need a grill, and using this method is guaranteed to have your ribs fall off the bone.

Fall-Off The Bone Oven Baked Baby Back Ribs 2 of 2

2. Tropical Hawaiian BBQ Sauce Recipe With Sugar

This tropical Hawaiian BBQ sauce recipe creates a sweet, yet tangy BBQ sauce. Ingredients such as pineapple juice and coconut sugar provide the sweetness, while soy sauce, garlic powder, and chili sauce help balance the sweetness.

The ketchup used for this recipe is the vital ingredient that brings everything together to make some incredible sauce!

Tropical Hawaiian BBQ Sauce 2 of 3

3. Tasty Hawaiian Ribs Baby Back Style BBQ

Wanting ribs can be an issue when you also want something different.

Do not get me wrong, I love ribs of all flavors, shapes, and forms, but the chances of getting creative and out-of-the-ordinary ribs at a restaurant are slim to none.

Lucky, you can be as creative as possible when you are the chef in the kitchen.

Furthermore, this Hawaiian ribs baby-back style BBQ recipe is perfect for anyone who wants something different when they are eating ribs.

Tasty Hawaiian BBQ Ribs 2 of 4

4. Glazed Golden Mustard BBQ Sauce

BBQ sauce is sweet and savory, but most importantly, it is tasty. This glazed golden mustard BBQ sauce is no different.

This glazed golden mustard BBQ sauce has the perfect balance of sweetness and savory goodness.

The sauce is brown with a hint of gold peeking out in the hue. A sauce that you can tell was made out of love.

Glazed Golden Mustard BBQ Sauce 1 of 3

5. BBQ Pork Rib Sandwich Sub

BBQ pork ribs are incredible! Ribs can’t get any better, right? Wrong, add some bread and turn that meal into a BBQ rib sandwich to take your ribs to the next level.

BBQ Pork Rib Sandwich Sub 2 of 2

6. Whiskey And Cream Soda Homemade BBQ Sauce

Cream soda and whiskey together are magnificent. In fact, Out of all the sodas in the world, cream soda goes the best with whiskey.

Of course, this may change in the future, but what will not change is the deliciousness of this combination.

Additionally, cream soda and whiskey are so good together that you can do more than make drinks with the two ingredients, you can also make a homemade BBQ sauce recipe that will make your loved ones love you even more.

Whiskey And Cream Soda Homemade BBQ Sauce 1 of 2

7. BBQ Chicken And Bacon Oven Baked Fries Recipe

Who would have ever thought that a chicken and a pig would make such a dynamic duo? I did not until I had chicken and pork together for the first time.

The compatibility between a chicken and a pig is exhilarating on a dinner plate, or any plate for that matter.

This synergy is pushed even further when specifically dealing with chicken and bacon.

Now, throw some French fries in the mix. Oven-baked fries or fries full of grease will work fine.

BBQ Chicken with Bacon 1 of 2

8. BBQ Braised Short Ribs Fall Off The Bone

You’ve never had ribs until you had some BBQ beef ribs, and when they fall off the bone, it is something to die for. I will slap anybody for these ribs.

That sound like something that can make you go crazy, but these short ribs are worth it.

If you want some delicious ribs, then you have come to the right place to experience this tasty, tender, and succulent BBQ braised short ribs recipe.

BBQ Braised Short Ribs Fall Off The Bone Beef Ribs 4 of 4

9. Peanut Butter BBQ Sauce Recipe

Not too often will you come across someone who doesn’t like BBQ sauce, and there are good reasons for that. BBQ sauce is delicious, with a sweetness that will send your taste buds into another universe.

BBQ sauce is so good that there are different types of BBQ sauce, such as honey, brown sugar, blueberry, etc.

Although all of these BBQ sauces are delicious, there is one BBQ sauce that stands out, and that is what I like to call peanut butter BBQ sauce.

The reason why peanut butter BBQ sauce is the secret weapon for BBQ sauce is that this sauce is insanely incredible, however, most people would not think of peanut butter as a BBQ sauce.

On the contrary, this type of sauce is tremendously popular in Thailand and is known there as a peanut sauce. Additionally, this sauce is phenomenal with chicken and beef.

Peanut Butter BBQ Sauce 2 of 5

10. Peanut Butter Chicken Wings BBQ Recipe

Yes, you have read the title correctly. This is a peanut butter chicken wings BBQ sauce recipe, and yes, I am confident that these will be the best chicken wings you’ll ever have in your life.

With that being said, let’s address the elephant in the room.

In addition to traditional beliefs, peanut butter just does not sound appealing on anything other than bread and chocolate, however, I will have to respectfully disagree.

When combined with the right ingredients and used in the correct proportion, peanut butter BBQ sauce can be a force to be reckoned with.

Then, when you coat some chicken wings in this sauce, you got yourself a winner and a chicken dinner.

Peanut Butter Wings BBQ 2 of 4

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