Top 10 Best Pizza Recipes

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Pizza is one of the most enjoyable dishes to eat. Furthermore, it is only right that we give you our top 10 best pizza recipes.

1. Fall Off The Bone Chicken Wing Pizza

Let us start these recipes off with a bang, I mean, I love pizza, so it is only right we start off that way. Furthermore, I love chicken wings, so why not combine my two loves together?

The meat is so tender that it melts in your mouth, and with all that pizza goodness, your taste bud can’t help but be full of satisfaction and flavor.

Fall Off The Bone Chicken Wing Pizza 1 of 2

2. Pepperoni Hot Dog Pizza

If you enjoy eating hot dogs as I do, then you love to be as creative as possible with your hot dog.

Do not get me wrong, a plain hot dog can get the job done, but something about adding some crazy topping to it simply puts the hot dog to another level, and this pepperoni pizza hot dog is no different.

Pepperoni Hot Dog Pizza 1 of 2

3. Italian Garlic Parmesan Chicken Pizza

Chicken pizza has always been alright with me. I do not mind eating it occasionally, however, I can count on one hand the times I was impressed eating a chicken pizza.

There was this one place that had a pesto chicken pizza that was extraordinary, but that is about it.

On the contrary, things have changed now because this Italian garlic Parmesan chicken pizza recipe is a game-changer.

Unsliced Chicken Pizza.

4. Pepperoni Lover Microwave Pizza In A Mug

Pizza is great, yet it is so much work to make it on your own.

On the contrary, that all changes when you microwave pizza in a mug.

Pizza in a mug reminds me of a crustless pizza wrap with one exception. This pizza mug recipe has a crust, it is hidden, but it is there nonetheless.

More importantly than that, this pizza mug recipe is full of flavor and is delicious.

Furthermore, the thought of microwaving pepperoni pizza amazes me. This is because it is impressive how innovative a broke college student will become to eat the food that they like.

Yes, this recipe is inspired by my broke aspirations.

Also, it helps that I love pizza, so I’m going to figure out how to eat pizza one way or another.

Pepperoni Lover Microwave Pizza In A Mug 1 of 3

5. Easy Pizza Dough Soft And Fluffy Pizza

I love pizza, but I used to hate making the dough. Furthermore, when I was bad at making pizza dough, you can imagine the despair I felt during that time.

Back then, I wish I had an easy pizza dough recipe because making that dough was not easy.

Every time I tried to make the pizza dough, it would not come out to be a perfectly round sphere. Plus, most of the dough would stick to my hand to the point that I felt like I was being wasteful.

That all changed once I mastered the art of making pizza dough, and this is so great that I felt the need to share my technique with this recipe.

Easy Pizza Dough 2D

6. Thick And Rich Easy Homemade Pizza Sauce

For those of you who use pizza sauce from the grocery store for your pizza, do not worry because this is a judge-free zone. Once upon a time, I too made my pizzas using the pizza sauce that I have purchased from the grocery store.

I still use that pizza sauce if I am feeling lazy because even with the store-bought pizza sauce, my pizzas would taste superb.

At the time that was the only pizza sauce that I used, you could not tell me anything about not using pizza sauce that is already made.

From my perspective, if my pizza is already great, why should I do extra work just to make pizza sauce?

Well, the answer to that question is simple. You may think your pizzas are good, but when you make the pizza sauce from scratch by using this recipe, it will take your pizza to another level.

Homemade Pizza Sauce 2B

7. Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza Lover Stuffed Crust

What is better than a bacon cheeseburger? If you have guessed bacon cheeseburger pizza, then you are correct! Hamburger lovers may not agree with me on this, but my pizza lover is going to ride with me on this one.

Furthermore, my pizza lover who also happens to be a hamburger lover will fall in love with this recipe.

Also, the stuffed crust is just icing on the cake.

Bacon Cheese Burger Pizza Lover Stuffed Crust 2A

8. Pepperoni Lover Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

This is for all the pepperoni lovers out there. Are you tired of searching for a pizza joint that can actually make a decent pepperoni pizza?

Your wallet is tired of these restaurants charging you 20 dollars for a pizza that will still leave you hungry and unsatisfied?

My buddy, you came to the correct place because when you make a pepperoni pizza with this recipe, not only will it taste better than what you are used to, you will feel better because you made it yourself.

Pepperoni Lover Pepperoni Pizza Recipe on a peel.

9. Spicy Italian Sub Chipotle Pizza Recipe

I love a spicy Italian $5 footlong, but I also love a pizza. So, let us combine these two great things together.

This was inspired by my favorite footlong sub sandwich, so this holds a special place in my heart, and I am sure that this recipe will hold a special place in your stomach.

Spicy Italian Sub Chipotle Pizza Recipe 2 of 6a

10. Crustless Pizza Pepperoni Pizza Wrap Recipe

Who would have thought a crustless pizza made into a pepperoni pizza wrap would taste so good? In fact, who would have thought that you can pizza keto-friendly, and it still is delicious?

Based on how amazing this recipe is, who needs carbs when you can do magic with a sprinkle of cheese and some pepperoni slices?

If you’re on the keto diet, add this delicious crust-less pepperoni pizza wrap to your menu – your taste buds will thank you for it!

Plus, this recipe is extremely easy to make.

Crustless Pizza Pepperoni Pizza Wrap Recipe 2 of 6a.jpg

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