Top 16 Best Caribbean Recipes

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Word on the streets is that the best food on this earth is rooted in Caribbean culture, and if you had as much Caribbean food as I had, then this will be no surprise to you.

With so much flavor from so many recipes, it felt right to give you all my top 16 best Caribbean recipes.

1. Baked Jerk Chicken Thighs

A top 16 Caribbean recipes list would not be right without some jerk chicken. Of course, if we are talking about chicken, we might as well talk about the juiciest part of the chicken, which is the chicken thighs.

Baked jerk chicken thighs are so scrumptious and full of flavor. The jerk seasoning gives the chicken thighs a spicy, yet savory taste that will have your mouth watering.

Jerk Chicken 1 of 2

2. Caribbean Rum Punch

What is a good party without punch? No, I am not talking about the punch that comes with a hospital bill and a broken ego. I am talking about the punch that can quench your thirst.

Now, let me ask you this. What is a great party without rum? Furthermore, if you want the absolute best party, then you need to make this Caribbean rum punch recipe for everybody to enjoy.

Caribbean Rum Punch 1 of 3

3. Homemade Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

For your information, jerk seasoning is good on everything. I put that on chicken, beef, lamb, goat, and fish, I would put it on myself if I could.

Jerk seasoning is just that good, especially when it is made with this homemade Jamaican jerk seasoning recipe.

Furthermore, I wouldn’t even feel right if this recipe did not make this top 16 best Caribbean recipes list.

Jerk Seasoning 1 of 2

4. Caribbean Macaroni Pie

Give me some Caribbean macaroni pie or some macaroni and cheese, it does not even matter to me. As long as it got macaroni with a lot of cheese, then I will eat it.

Macaroni Pie 2 of 3

5. Guava Mojito

When I first had guava juice, it felt so exotic to me, but I guess that was from never experiencing a drink like that before. Finding guava juice that was not mixed with a million other flavors was a struggle.

Eventually, I came across some authentic guava juice, and I knew at that moment this would be great in a mojito.

Of course, this is how the guava mojito recipe was born.

Guava Mojito

6. Smothered Oxtail Slow-Cooked

Everybody loves oxtails, and you cannot tell me anything different. If everybody did not love oxtails, then why is it so expensive?

You got to love supply and demand, but enough about economics. When you make your oxtail you got to make sure that it is done right. For me, oxtails done right is when it is falling off the bone.

Thankfully, I have the oxtail recipe that will do just that.

Smothered Oxtail Slow-Cooked Recipe 2 of 2

7. Chicken Curry Roti Shell With Potatoes

Do you want to try a dish that will easily become your favorite thing to eat? If so, then this chicken curry and roti shell recipe is right for you.

The bold explosion of curry is used to season the chicken to perfection. The roti shell is soft, flaky, and full of flavor in itself. The chicken combined with the roti, with some added potatoes is a match made in heaven.

Curry Roti Shells Flatbread 2 of 2

8. Butter Spicy Curry Rice

Curry really tastes good on everything, and when I say everything, that includes rice as well. As somebody who was born and raised in East Texas, I did not grow up eating anything with curry in it.

Even when I started to indulge in curry dishes, I would not have imagined how good it would be with rice. Then, when you add some spiciness to your curry rice, how can you not fall in love?

Butter Spicy Curry Rice 2 of 2

9. Curry Roti Shells Flatbread

You are not living right if you never had roti before. Curry roti to be more specific. I can’t help but be in a good mood with every single bite I take of a curry roti shell.

Curried Roti Shell 2 of 3

10. Peanut Butter Rum Punch Cocktail

Caribbean rum punch is so good, but maybe you want a rum punch that is a bit more outside the box. Do not worry about that because I got you.

This peanut butter rum punch cocktail is so delicious that it will even satisfy the biggest of peanut butter haters.

Caribbean Peanut Milk Punch 2 of 2

11. Yellow Curry Chicken Thighs

Curry and chicken is an undefeated duo that even the Golden State Warriors would struggle against. I know that the Golden State Warriors have zero to do with food, but I could not help myself.

I mean, curry is legendary for a reason, and I am not talking basketball either. You can’t help but be amazed by the savoriness that curry and chicken have to offer.

Then, you use chicken thighs. The juiciest part of the chicken with curry will get somebody hurt because it is just that good.

Yellow Curry Chicken Thighs Recipe 1 of 3a

12. Easy Curry Potatoes

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy is what I like to deal with in the kitchen. Especially, when the dish is as good as these curry potatoes. Worthy to be in the top 16 best Caribbean recipes? I think so.

Curry Potatoes 1 of 2

13. Dark Fruit Cake Soaked With Rum And Wine

Are you tired of eating your mom’s dried-up fruit cake during the holidays? Well, let me help you out by introducing to her this dark fruit cake recipe.

Moreover, this fruit cake is soaked in rum and wine, so if you are trying to party, then look no further.

Whenever she gets started making the fruit cake, just slip in this recipe. She will be down to make it once she sees the rum and wine as some of the ingredients.

Dark Fruit Cake 2 of 3

14. Bahama Mama Cocktail

I never heard anybody say that they do not like a Bahama mama.

Truth be told, I have never been to the Bahamas, but if their Bahama mamas are a sample of what their food and drink taste like, then I need to go ASAP.

Bahama Mama Cocktail 1 of 2

15. Easy Bahama Mama Mimosa

What is better than a Bahama mama? A Bahama mama combined with a mimosa.

Yeah, I am sure that you did not see that coming, but from the name alone, you know this is what you need to have the perfect brunch event.

That is right, you can’t have the perfect brunch event if the drinks are trash, but that is another topic for another day.

Bahama Mama Mimosa 2 of 2

16. Jerk Chicken Wings

Now you know I absolutely cannot have a top 16 best Caribbean recipes list and not have the goat in it. Ironically enough, a goat dish did not make the list but mark my words, a goat recipe will be here soon.

Enough about goats, let us talk about chicken and these jerk chicken wings. Jerk chicken wings are some of the best wings that I ever had.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything using jerk seasoning.

Jerk Chicken Wings 2 of 4

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